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Infect Immun. Nov 1988; 56(11): 2891–2895.
PMCID: PMC259667

Iron-regulated hemolysin production and utilization of heme and hemoglobin by Vibrio cholerae.


El Tor and non-O1 strains of Vibrio cholerae were analyzed to determine whether synthesis of secreted hemolysin was influenced by the concentration of iron in the medium. Synthesis of hemolysin was found to be iron regulated in both El Tor and non-O1 isolates. Increased levels of hemolytic activity were detected in supernatants of iron-starved cells. Spontaneous hemolysin-deficient mutants of one non-O1 strain were found to occur at high frequency. These variants also failed to synthesize vibriobactin, the iron transport compound utilized by V. cholerae. Another non-O1 strain was found to synthesize both hemolysin and vibriobactin constitutively. When the cloned Escherichia coli fur gene, encoded on the plasmid pABN203, was introduced into this constitutive strain, normal iron regulation of both hemolysin and vibriobactin was reestablished. The ability of V. cholerae to utilize mammalian iron compounds was determined, and it was found that both hemin and hemoglobin could serve as sole sources of iron.

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