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Infect Immun. Nov 1991; 59(11): 4075–4083.
PMCID: PMC258999

Small-animal model to measure efficacy and immunogenicity of Shigella vaccine strains.


The development of a small-animal model to test the protective efficacy and immunogenicity of a vaccine strain against shigellosis would greatly facilitate the evaluation of potential vaccine candidates. In guinea pigs, the ability of shigellae to invade and multiply within the corneal epithelium, causing keratoconjunctivitis, closely mimics the invasion process in the intestinal epithelium (B. Sereny, Acta Microbiol. Acad. Sci. Hung. 4:367-376, 1957). The serum response of animals recovering from a Shigella keratoconjunctival infection was determined and found to be consistent with that shown by convalescent humans and primates. This model was used to test the efficacy of two vaccine candidates, and the immune response of the guinea pigs to the vaccine strains was examined. Both vaccine strains demonstrated significant protection against challenge by homologous virulent Shigella strains, and the results were comparable with results obtained in trials with monkeys. The guinea pig model also provides a rapid and inexpensive means of evaluating different immunization regimens as well as of testing other variables such as length of protection against disease.

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