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Infect Immun. 1992 Dec; 60(12): 5139–5144.
PMCID: PMC258289

The Anaplasma marginale msp5 gene encodes a 19-kilodalton protein conserved in all recognized Anaplasma species.


Immunization with Anaplasma marginale outer membranes induced immunity against clinical disease which correlated with antibody titer to outer membrane proteins, including a 19-kDa protein (N. Tebele, T. C. McGuire, and G. H. Palmer, Infect. Immun. 59:3199-3204, 1991). This 19-kDa protein, designated major surface protein 5 (MSP-5), was encoded by a single-copy 633-bp gene. The molecular mass of MSP-5, defined in immunoblots by binding to monoclonal antibody ANAF16C1, was conserved among all recognized species of Anaplasma: A. marginale, A. centrale, and A. ovis. Recombinant MSP-5, which absorbed the antibody reactivity of bovine immune serum to native MSP-5, was recognized by anti-A. marginale and anti-A. centrale immune sera in a competitive inhibition assay with monoclonal antibody ANAF16C1. The presence of antibody to the epitope defined by monoclonal antibody ANAF16C1 in all postinfection sera tested indicates that this epitope is a potential diagnostic antigen for use in identifying persistently infected cattle.

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