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Infect Immun. 1992 Jul; 60(7): 3021–3024.
PMCID: PMC257272

Adhesion protein YadA of Yersinia species mediates binding of bacteria to fibronectin.


The interaction between fibronectin and Yersinia strains was studied. Wild-type Y. enterocolitica strains expressing the virulence-plasmid-encoded adhesion protein YadA adhered strongly to fibronectin-coated coverslips, while their plasmid-cured variants expressed weaker binding. The cloned yadA gene of Y. enterocolitica or Y. pseudotuberculosis conferred fibronectin-binding ability both to Escherichia coli and to Y. psuedotuberculosis strains lacking the YadA protein. The YadA protein did not mediate binding to isolated fragments of fibronectin or to soluble fibronectin.

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