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J Virol. Feb 1983; 45(2): 505–513.
PMCID: PMC256443

Endogenous Moloney leukemia virus in nonviremic Mov substrains of mice carries defects in the proviral genome.


Substrains of mice carrying Moloney murine leukemia virus as a Mendelian gene (Mov locus) have been derived previously. Some of these strains, i.e., Mov-3 and Mov-9, develop viremia, whereas others, i.e., Mov-2, Mov-7, and Mov-10, do not regularly activate virus. We previously have molecularly cloned the respective Mov loci and shown that proviral clones derived from the different viral loci were either infectious (Mov-3, Mov-9) or failed to induce infectious virus (Mov-2, Mov-7, Mov-10) in a transfection assay. To analyze the sites affecting infectivity of the latter clones, complementation assays, in vitro recombinations, and marker rescue experiments were performed. Our results show that the three endogenous Moloney murine leukemia virus clones derived from Mov-2, Mov-7, and Mov-10 carry different mutations in the gag-pol region of the proviral genome. No inhibitory effect of flanking mouse sequences on provirus infectivity was observed.

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