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J Virol. Aug 1984; 51(2): 298–305.
PMCID: PMC254438

Epitopes on foot-and-mouth disease virus outer capsid protein VP1 involved in neutralization and cell attachment.


Foot-and-mouth disease virus structural protein VP1 elicits neutralizing and protective antibody and is probably the viral attachment protein which interacts with cellular receptor sites on cultured cells. To study the relationships between epitopes on the molecule related to neutralization and cell attachment, we tested monoclonal antibodies prepared against type A12 virus, isolated A12 VP1, and a CNBr-generated A12 VP1 fragment for neutralization and effect on viral absorption. The antibodies selected for analysis neutralized viral infectivity with varying efficiencies. One group of antibodies caused a high degree of viral aggregation and inhibited the adsorption of virus to cells by 50 to 70%. A second group of antibodies caused little or no viral aggregation but inhibited the adsorption of virus to cells by 80 to 90%. One antibody, which is specific for the intact virion, caused little viral aggregation and had no effect on the binding of virus to specific cellular receptor sites. Thus, at least three antigenic areas on the surface of foot-and-mouth disease virus which were involved in neutralization were demonstrated. One of the antigenic sites appears to have been responsible for interaction with the cellular receptor sites on the surface of susceptible cells.

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