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Histology shows: (a) A well-defined lesion, with a pseudocapsule, made up of interlacing bundles of regular smooth muscle cells (N) with apparent hypercellular areas (open arrow); residual bundles of dartoic muscle are seen in adjacent fibrovascular connective tissue (arrow heads) (7.5×; haematoxylin and eosin). (b) & (c) Degenerating uninucleate (curved arrows) and multinucleate giant cells (straight arrow) are seen adjacent to typical leiomyomatous areas (N) (120×; haematoxylin and eosin). (d) Tumour is smooth muscle actin-positive (30×; immunoperoxidase stain, diaminobenzidine method). (e) Tumour is also desmin-positive (30×; immunoperoxidase stain, diaminobenzidine method).