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J Virol. 1989 May; 63(5): 2143–2151.
PMCID: PMC250631

Analysis of neutralizing antigenic sites on the surface of type A12 foot-and-mouth disease virus.


A series of seven neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (nMAbs) directed against type A12 foot-and-mouth disease virus was used to generate neutralization-resistant variants. Both plaque reduction neutralization and microneutralization assays showed that the variants were no longer neutralized by the nMAbs used to generate them, although some of the variants still reacted with the nMAbs at high antibody concentrations. Results of cross-neutralization studies by both plaque reduction neutralization and microneutralization assays suggested the presence of at least one immunodominant antigenic site on the surface of type A12 foot-and-mouth disease virus, along with evidence of a second antigenic site on the viral surface. Two of the variants had reduced virulence in tissue culture as evidenced by their inability to inhibit cellular protein synthesis and a marked reduction in virus-induced cellular morphological alterations. Nucleotide sequencing of the variant genomes placed three epitopes of the major antigenic site on VP1 and the fourth epitope on VP3 and VP1. The one epitope of the minor site appears to reside only on VP1.

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