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Published online 2008 Jun 3. doi:  10.1038/msb.2008.34

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Lipid changes and HMM states in early childhood. (A) Lipid changes between the HMM states. Each block shows the significance, based on the bootstrap procedure, of the change for the marked lipid during the time period marked at the bottom (for instance, bottom left corner shows the change in metabolite TG(54:6) from state 1 to 2). (B) HMM state distribution for different age groups. The images have been computed from 4000 bootstrap samples. For each sample, an HMM was computed and the state progression of each individual was evaluated. The colors show the proportion of children and samples for which the child was in this specific state at the given time. (C) Metabolites separating boys and girls as a function of HMM state.

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