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Nature. Author manuscript; available in PMC Nov 1, 2008.
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Nature. May 1, 2008; 453(7191): 56–64.
doi:  10.1038/nature06862

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Map of structural variation in the human genome

The location of 724 insertions (blue), 747 deletions (red) and 224 inversions (green) that have been experimentally validated are mapped onto the human genome (build35). Sites are arranged according to individuals in rows above each chromosome, in order of the nine individual genomic libraries (G248 (first row), then ABC7–ABC14); the Coriell IDs are listed in Table 1. All sites have been validated by array CGH, MCD analysis, or sequencing in at least one reference individual. The location of 525 novel sequence loci are depicted as arrows below each chromosome. Those mapping to gaps (black) are distinguished from those mapping to regions not associated with gaps (orange). The Y chromosome is not shown because samples were primarily from females.

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