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J Virol. May 1992; 66(5): 2814–2820.
PMCID: PMC241038

A second origin of DNA plus-strand synthesis is required for optimal human immunodeficiency virus replication.


We recently reported that human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) unintegrated linear DNA displays a discontinuity in its plus strand, precisely defined by a second copy of the polypurine tract (PPT) located near the middle of the genome (P. Charneau and F. Clavel, J. Virol. 65:2415-2421, 1991). This central PPT appears to determine a second initiation site for retrovirus DNA plus-strand synthesis. We show here that mutations replacing purines by pyrimidines in the HIV-1 central PPT, which do not modify the overlapping amino acid sequence, are able to significantly slow down viral growth as they reduce plus-strand origin at the center of the genome. One of these mutations, introducing four pyrimidines, results in a 2-week delay in viral growth in CEM cells and abolishes plus-strand origin at the central PPT. The introduction in this mutant of a wild-type copy of the PPT at a different site creates a new plus-strand origin at that site. This new origin also determines the end of the upstream plus-strand segment, probably as a consequence of limited strand displacement-synthesis. Our findings further demonstrate the role of PPTs as initiation sites for the synthesis of the retroviral DNA plus strand and demonstrate the importance of a second such origin for efficient HIV replication in vitro.

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