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J Virol. Jun 1991; 65(6): 2960–2967.
PMCID: PMC240937

Quantitation of relative fitness and great adaptability of clonal populations of RNA viruses.


We describe a sensitive, internally controlled method for comparing the genetic adaptability and relative fitness of virus populations in constant or changing host environments. Certain monoclonal antibody-resistant mutants of vesicular stomatitis virus can compete equally during serial passages in mixtures with the parental wild-type clone from which they were derived. These genetically marked "surrogate wild-type" neutral mutants, when mixed with wild-type virus, allow reliable measurement of changes in virus fitness and of virus adaptation to different host environments. Quantitative fitness vector plots demonstrate graphically that even clones of an RNA virus are composed of complex variant populations (quasispecies). Variants of greater fitness (competitive replication ability) were selected within very few passages of virus clones in new host cells or animals. Even clones which were well adapted to BHK21 cells gained further fitness during repeated passages in BHK21 cells.

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