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Br J Cancer. 2000 Feb; 82(4): 891–899.
PMCID: PMC2374409

Hepatocyte growth factor modulates motility and invasiveness of ovarian carcinomas via Ras-mediated pathway


Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) is a multifunctional growth factor which has pleiotrophic biological effects on epithelial cells such as proliferation, motogenesis, invasiveness and morphogenesis. Peritoneal dissemination is critical for the progression of ovarian cancer, and our study revealed that HGF induces migration and invasion of ovarian cancer cells. We also demonstrated that HGF stimulates autophosphorylation of its receptor, followed by activation of the Ras-MAP (mitogen-activated peptide) kinase cascade. Moreover, infection of ovarian cancer cells with Ras dominant-negative adenovirus reduced the HGF-induced motogenic and invasive activities. Additionally, both MEK and PI3-kinase pathways downstream of Ras were involved in HGF-stimulated ovarian cancer cell invasiveness. © 2000 Cancer Research Campaign

Keywords: hepatocyte growth factor, motility, invasion, ovarian carcinoma, ras, MAP kinase

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