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J Virol. Oct 1994; 68(10): 6794–6798.
PMCID: PMC237106

Recombinant rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus capsid protein expressed in baculovirus self-assembles into viruslike particles and induces protection.


VP60, the unique component of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus capsid, was expressed in the baculovirus system. The recombinant VP60, released in the supernatant of infected insect cells, assembled without the need of any other viral component to form viruslike particles (VLPs), structurally and immunologically indistinguishable from the rabbit hemorrhagic disease virion. Intramuscular vaccination of rabbits with the VLPs conferred complete protection in 15 days; this protection was found to be effective from the fifth day after VLP injection and was accompanied by a strong humoral response.

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