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Br J Cancer. 2001 Aug; 85(3): 422–427.
PMCID: PMC2364069

CGH analysis of ductal carcinoma of the breast with basaloid/myoepithelial cell differentiation


2–18% of ductal carcinoma-No Special Type (NST) are reported to express basal cell keratin 14 and such tumours may have a different metastatic pattern and prognosis. We performed immunohistochemistry for cytokeratins 19 (luminal) and 14 (basal) on 92 ductal carcinoma-NST. Those tumours showing CK14 expression were further characterized by immunohistochemistry for myoepithelial cell phenotype and analysed by comparative genomic hybridization. The 7 cases of ductal carcinoma-NST exhibiting a basal cell phenotype were all grade III tumours and showed a molecular cytogenetic profile similar to more conventional myoepithelial cell carcinomas. Therefore it appears that grade III invasive ductal carcinomas contain a subset of tumours with specific morphological and cytogenetic characteristics, and probably prognosis for the patient. © 2001 Cancer Research Campaign http://www.bjcancer.com

Keywords: CGH, myoepithelial, ductal carcinoma, breast, keratin 14, basal cells

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