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J Clin Microbiol. Nov 1996; 34(11): 2812–2814.
PMCID: PMC229408

Rapid detection and isolation of shiga-like toxin (verocytotoxin)-producing Escherichia coli by direct testing of individual enterohemolytic colonies from washed sheep blood agar plates in the VTEC-RPLA assay.


By combining the enterohemolysin test and the VTEC-RPLA test (specific for the detection of Shiga-like toxin I [SLT-I], SLT-II, and SLT-IIc), single colonies of SLT-producing Escherichia coli were found to constitute between 0.03 and 68.1% of the coliform flora in human stool cultures and were isolated and characterized within 72 to 96 h.

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