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J Clin Microbiol. May 1996; 34(5): 1290–1292.
PMCID: PMC229001

Endocarditis of native aortic and mitral valves due to Corynebacterium accolens: report of a case and application of phenotypic and genotypic techniques for identification.


Endocarditis of native aortic and mitral valves due to an organism identified as Corynebacterium accolens developed in a 73-year-old patient without predisposing factors. The organism was identified as C. accolens by biochemical identification, amplified rRNA gene restriction analysis, and DNA-DNA hybridization. This is the first case of C. accolens endocarditis reported, adding to the increasing number of Corynebacterium-related cases of endocarditis.

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