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ICAM-1 expression in brain vessels of infected C57BL/6 and HDC−/− mice. (A) Histological section showing ICAM-1 expression indicated by immunohistochemical staining, using anti–ICAM-1 mAb, of brain sections from infected HDC−/− and C57BL/6 mice. Photographs from control noninfected mice (not depicted) show <0.5 positive vessels per field in both mice. (B) The number of ICAM-1–positive vessels per field in Pb ANKA–infected C57BL/6 and HDC−/− mice. No significant labeling could be detected in naive mice in both mouse strains (<0.5 positive vessels per field). The proportion of ICAM-1–positive vessels was counted from 10 biopsies for each sample, and three mice were used in each group. (C) Comparison of ICAM-1 mRNA transcripts between infected C57BL/6 and HDC−/− mice as measured by quantitative RT-PCR. The relative mRNA levels of ICAM-1 were measured using real-time RT-PCR in brains. The expression levels were normalized to the endogenous control gene GAPDH, and the relative expression levels were calculated using the uninfected animals as calibrators. Data are presented as the means ± SD from two independent experiments. Bar, 100 μm.

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