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J Bacteriol. 1982 Dec; 152(3): 1241–1247.
PMCID: PMC221631

Cloning of the chromosomal determinants encoding hemolysin production and mannose-resistant hemagglutination in Escherichia coli.


We have cloned the chromosomal hemolysin determinants from Escherichia coli strains belonging to the four O-serotypes O4, O6, O18, and O75. The hemolysin-producing clones were isolated from gene banks of these strains which were constructed by inserting partial Sau3A fragments of chromosomal DNA into the cosmid pJC74. The hemolytic cosmid clones were relatively stable. The inserts were further subcloned either as SalI fragments in pACYC184 or as BamHI-SalI fragments in a recombinant plasmid (pANN202) containing cistron C (hlyC) of the plasmid-encoded hemolysin determinant. Detailed restriction maps of each of these determinants were constructed, and it was found that, despite sharing overall homology, the determinants exhibited minor specific differences in their structure. These appeared to be restricted to cistron A (hlyA), which is the structural gene for hemolysin. In the gene banks of two of these hemolytic strains, we could also identify clones which carried the genetic determinants for the mannose-resistant hemagglutination antigens Vb and VIc. Both of these fimbrial antigens were expressed in the E. coli K-12 clones to an extent similar to that observed in the wild-type strains. These recombinant cosmids were rather unstable, and, in the absence of selection, segregated at a high frequency.

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