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Published online 2007 Oct 16. doi:  10.1186/1746-1596-2-39

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Microscopic findings. A. Cellular smears from left lobe showing tumor cells with eccentric nuclei, mostly dispersed singly with hyperchromatic nuclei. Giemsa staining 400 ×. B. Section from the left lobe nodule showing sheets of plasmacytoid cells (arrow) with 'salt and pepper-like' chromatin amidst amyloid (Am) stroma. H & E 200 ×. C. Section from second nodule showing nuclear features of PTC, including nuclear grooves and intranuclear inclusions (arrow). H & E 400 ×. D. Isthmic nodule showing features of FVPTC. H & E 200 ×. E. Nodal deposits from MTC. H & E 200 ×. F. Apple green birefringence of amyloid stroma. Alkaline Congo Red 200 ×. G. Positive thyroglobulin expression in PTC. DAB 400 ×. H. Calcitonin positivity in MTC. DAB × 200. I. Positive CEA expression in MTC. DAB × 400.

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