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Protein Sci. Jun 1996; 5(6): 1093–1099.
PMCID: PMC2143435

The proteins encoded by the rbs operon of Escherichia coli: I. Overproduction, purification, characterization, and functional analysis of RbsA.


The nucleotide-binding component of the high-affinity ribose transport system of Escherichia coli, RbsA, was overproduced from a T7-7 expression vector, and the protein was purified. Biochemical analyses of the purified protein indicated that the ATP analogues, 5'-FSBA and 8-azido ATP, covalently labeled the protein, a reaction that was inhibited by ATP, but not by GTP or CTP. The pure protein exhibited low-level ATPase activity with a K(m) of about 140 microM. Analyses of bacterial strains carrying chromosomal deletions of rbsA and other rbs genes suggested that RbsA is important for the chemotaxis function, a surprising result that was not anticipated from previous studies. However, an inconsistency between the several results from deletion strains raises questions regarding the interpretations of the in vivo data.

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