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Protein Sci. Feb 1996; 5(2): 212–220.
PMCID: PMC2143354

PROMOTIF--a program to identify and analyze structural motifs in proteins.


We describe a suite of programs, PROMOTIF, that analyzes a protein coordinate file and provides details about the structural motifs in the protein. The program currently analyzes the following structural features: secondary structure; beta-and gamma-turns; helical geometry and interactions; beta-strands and beta-sheet topology; beta-bulges; beta-hairpins; beta-alpha-beta units and psi-loops; disulphide bridges; and main-chain hydrogen bonding patterns. PROMOTIF creates postscript files showing the examples of each type of motif in the protein, and a summary page. The program can also be used to compare motifs in a group of related structures, such as an ensemble of NMR structures.

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