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J Bacteriol. Nov 1985; 164(2): 816–822.
PMCID: PMC214324

Role of glnB and glnD gene products in regulation of the glnALG operon of Escherichia coli.


We have isolated insertion and deletion mutants in glnB, the structural gene of PII, a member of the adenylylation system for glutamine synthetase of Escherichia coli, to study the role of PII in the regulation of the synthesis of glutamine synthetase and of histidase in response to nitrogen deprivation or excess. We have studied the effects of this mutation alone and combined with null mutations resulting from the insertion of transposons or from a deletion in the other genes affecting this regulation, glnD, glnF (ntrA), glnG (ntrC), and glnL (ntrB). Our results confirm that only the products of glnF and glnG are essential for this regulation. In cells of the wild type, the response is mediated by the products of glnD and glnB via the product of glnL. In the condition of nitrogen excess, PII, the product of glnB, appears to convert the product of glnL to a form that prevents the activation of transcription of the structural genes for glutamine synthetase and for histidase by the products of glnF and glnG. During nitrogen deprivation, uridylyltransferase, the product of glnD, is activated by the intracellular excess of 2-ketoglutarate over glutamine and converts PII to PII-UMP and changes the form of the glnL product to one that stimulates the activation of transcription of glutamine synthetase and histidase by the products of glnF and glnG.

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