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Protein Sci. Oct 1992; 1(10): 1333–1342.
PMCID: PMC2142095

Differences in the amino acid distributions of 3(10)-helices and alpha-helices.


Local determinants of 3(10)-helix stabilization have been ascertained from the analysis of the crystal structure data base. We have clustered all 5-length substructures from 51 nonhomologous proteins into classes based on the conformational similarity of their backbone dihedral angles. Several clusters, derived from 3(10)-helices and multiple-turn conformations, had strong amino acid sequence patterns not evident among alpha-helices. Aspartate occurred over twice as frequently in the N-cap position of 3(10)-helices as in the N-cap position of alpha-helices. Unlike alpha-helices, 3(10)-helices had few C-termini ending in a left-handed alpha conformation; most 3(10) C-caps adopted an extended conformation. Differences in the distribution of hydrophobic residues among 3(10)- and alpha-helices were also apparent, producing amphipathic 3(10)-helices. Local interactions that stabilize 3(10)-helices can be inferred both from the strong amino acid preferences found for these short helices, as well as from the existence of substructures in which tertiary interactions replace consensus local interactions. Because the folding and unfolding of alpha-helices have been postulated to proceed through reverse-turn and 3(10)-helix intermediates, sequence differences between 3(10)- and alpha-helices can also lend insight into factors influencing alpha-helix initiation and propagation.

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