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J Bacteriol. Dec 1986; 168(3): 1155–1158.
PMCID: PMC213616

Heat shock regulatory gene rpoH mRNA level increases after heat shock in Escherichia coli.


The Escherichia coli rpoH gene product sigma 32 is essential for the increase in heat shock gene transcription found after exposure of the bacteria to a sudden temperature increase. It is not known how the concentration of active sigma 32 is modulated. We showed that rpoH transcript levels increased after heat shock and that the magnitude of the increase in the level of mRNA was correlated with the magnitude of the temperature shift. The increase in the level of rpoH mRNA was still found in rpoH mutants so the mechanism of induction differed from that of the set of previously identified heat shock genes. The increased concentration of rpoH mRNA should result in a higher level of sigma 32, which is likely to be important for increasing heat shock gene transcription.

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