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J Bacteriol. Dec 1991; 173(23): 7565–7572.
PMCID: PMC212524

Nucleotide sequence and mutational analysis of the vnfENX region of Azotobacter vinelandii.


The nucleotide sequence (3,600 bp) of a second copy of nifENX-like genes in Azotobacter vinelandii has been determined. These genes are located immediately downstream from vnfA and have been designated vnfENX. The vnfENX genes appear to be organized as a single transcriptional unit that is preceded by a potential RpoN-dependent promoter. While the nifEN genes are thought to be evolutionarily related to nifDK, the vnfEN genes appear to be more closely related to nifEN than to either nifDK, vnfDK, or anfDK. Mutant strains (CA47 and CA48) carrying insertions in vnfE and vnfN, respectively, are able to grow diazotrophically in molybdenum (Mo)-deficient medium containing vanadium (V) (Vnf+) and in medium lacking both Mo and V (Anf+). However, a double mutant (strain DJ42.48) which contains a nifEN deletion and an insertion in vnfE is unable to grow diazotrophically in Mo-sufficient medium or in Mo-deficient medium with or without V. This suggests that NifE and NifN substitute for VnfE and VnfN when the vnfEN genes are mutationally inactivated. AnfA is not required for the expression of a vnfN-lacZ transcriptional fusion, even though this fusion is expressed under Mo- and V-deficient diazotrophic growth conditions.

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