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J Cell Biol. 1987 Jul 1; 105(1): 291–302.
PMCID: PMC2114894

Hemodynamics and the vascular endothelial cytoskeleton


Although there is considerable evidence to suggest that hemodynamics play an important role in vascular disease processes, the exact mechanisms are unknown. With this in mind, we have designed a pulsatile perfusion apparatus which reproducibly delivers pulsatile hemodynamics upon freshly excised canine carotid arteries in vitro. Quantifiable simulations included normotension with normal or lowered flow rates (120/80 mmHg, 120 and 40 ml/min), normotension with lowered or elevated transmural pressures (40-170 mmHg), and elevated pulse pressure (120 and 80 mmHg) with normal (150 ml/min) or elevated rates of flow (300 and 270 ml/min). Arterial biomechanical stresses and cellular behaviors were characterized biochemically and morphologically under all these stimulations which continued for 2-24 h. We found that increased pulse pressure alone had little effect on the total amount of radiolabeled [4- 14C]cholesterol present within the medial compartment. However, normotension when coupled with altered transmural pressure yielded a three- to fourfold increase. Combinations of increased pulse pressure and flow potentiated cholesterol uptake by a factor of 10 when compared with normotension control values. Simulations that enhanced carotid arterial cholesterol uptake also influenced the endothelial cytoskeletal array of actin. Stress fibers were not present within the carotid endothelial cells of either the sham controls or the normotension and increased pulse pressure (normal flow) simulations. Endothelial cells lining carotids exposed to elevations in flow or those present within vessels perfused as per simulation b above assembled stress fibers (x = 4 and 10 per cell, respectively) within the time course of these studies. When endothelial cells were subjected to hemodynamic conditions that potentiated maximally cholesterol transport, no diffuse or stress fiber staining could be seen, but the cortical array of actin was intact. These results suggest that those biomechanical stresses that alter endothelial permeability and intimal integrity may do so via cytoskeletal actin signaling.

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