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J Cell Biol. 1973 May 1; 57(2): 359–372.
PMCID: PMC2108974



The temporal relationship between cell cycle events and centriole duplication was investigated electron microscopically in L cells synchronized by mechanically selecting mitotic cells. The two mature centrioles which each cell received at telophase migrated together from the side of the telophase nucleus distal to the stem body around to a region of the cytoplasm near the stem body and then into a groovelike indention in the early G1 nucleus, where they were found throughout interphase. Procentrioles appeared in association with each mature centriole at times varying from 4 to 12 h after mitosis. Since S phase was found to begin on the average about 9 h after mitotic selection, it appeared that cells generated procentrioles late in G1 or early in S. During prophase, the two centriolar duplexes migrated to opposite sides of the nucleus and the daughter centrioles elongated to the mature length. To ascertain whether any aspect of centriolar duplication was contingent upon nuclear DNA synthesis, arabinosyl cytosine was added to mitotic cells at a concentration which inhibited cellular DNA synthesis by more than 99%. Though cells were thus prevented from entering S phase, the course of procentriole formation was not detectibly affected. However, cells were inhibited from proceeding to the next mitosis, and the centriolar elongation and migration normally associated with prophase did not occur.

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