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J Cell Biol. 1963 Mar 1; 16(3): 541–577.
PMCID: PMC2106229



A description of the cytology of the gastric mucosa is presented based upon an electron microscopic investigation of the bat stomach. The fine structure of the various cell types in this species is fundamentally similar to that of the corresponding cell types of other mammals, but the relative cell numbers and distribution are somewhat different. (a). The surface mucous cells are identified by their superficial location and by the character of their dense secretory granules. (b). The mucous neck cells are distinguished by a characteristically different appearance and distribution of their mucous granules, and by their varied shape and their location between parietal cells. (c). The parietal cells are very large and have unusually prominent secretory canaliculi and an extraordinary number of large mitochondria. (d). The chief cells are found at the base of the gastric glands and are similar in their fine structure to other zymogenic cells. They contain many large zymogen granules and have an extensively developed granular endoplasmic reticulum. The latter is sometimes aggregated in unusual, hexagonally packed straight tubules, each with twelve longitudinal rows of ribosomes uniformly spaced around its circumference and with the rows of ribosomes in precise register with those of adjoining tubules. (e). Argentaffin cells lodged between other cell types vary sufficiently in the structure of their mitochondria and the character of their specific granules to suggest that they are of more than one kind. The majority are at the base of the epithelium but some extend to the lumen and bear microvilli on their free surface.

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