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J Bacteriol. Jan 1988; 170(1): 163–170.
PMCID: PMC210621

An iron-antagonized fungistatic agent that is not required for iron assimilation from a fluorescent rhizosphere pseudomonad.


Fluorescent rhizosphere Pseudomonas sp. strain NZ130 promotes plant growth, and may do so in part because of its production of a growth inhibitory factor that is active against phytopathogenic fungi. Analysis of the inhibitory factor that is active against the phytopathogen Pythium ultimum showed that its activity is antagonized at iron concentrations above 10 microM. The iron-antagonized inhibitor was separated from the fluorescent siderophore of this pseudomonad by gel filtration. Mutants that lacked either the iron-antagonized inhibitor or the fluorescent siderophore were isolated. Results of complementation analysis of these mutants by use of a cosmid library indicated that distinct DNA sequences are required for the production of each factor. Analysis of isogenic mutant strains showed that the genetic requirements for the production of the iron-antagonized inhibitor and the fluorescent siderophore are different, and that only the fluorescent siderophore is required for iron assimilation. Fusions of these same sequences to a beta-galactosidase gene were used to show that the regions required for the production of both the fluorescent siderophore and the iron-antagonized inhibitor were iron-regulated.

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