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J Appl Behav Anal. 2007 Winter; 40(4): 773.
PMCID: PMC2078566

A Multisite Cross-Cultural Replication of Upper's (1974) Unsuccessful Self-Treatment of Writer's Block

Robert Didden
Jeff Sigafoos
Mark F O'Reilly
Giulio E Lancioni
Linda LeBlanc, Action Editor

The consistency between the findings of this multisite cross-cultural replication by Didden, Sigafoos, O'Reilly, Lancioni, and Sturmey and those reported in Upper's now-classic paper on writer's block (Upper, 1974) are remarkable and serve to substantially extend the generality of Upper's findings. The consistency between the editorial opinion of the action editor, Linda LeBlanc, whose reviewer comments are enclosed verbatim parenthetically here ( ) and this paper is equally remarkable. This kind of symmetry is rare in any science and particularly rare in behavior analysis, and because of it I was compelled to accept the Didden et al. paper without revision. I did not change one word, and this is a first in my tenure as editor. Another virtue of the paper is its awe-inspiring brevity. It is my hope that it will one day serve as the model for Brief Reports in JABA. I was reminded of a remark often attributed to Mark Twain, “I am sorry I wrote such a long letter, I did not have time to write a shorter one.” In the spirit of that remark, I salute the authors for the time they took to prepare this lovely little paper. — Patrick C. Friman, Editor

Preparation of this article was supported by a grant of $2.50 from the first author's personal funds. We hope to submit a version of this paper at the next international conference in St. Tropez.


  • Upper D. The unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of “writer's block.” Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. 1974;7:497. [PMC free article] [PubMed]

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