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J Bacteriol. Sep 1993; 175(17): 5359–5365.
PMCID: PMC206590

Molecular analyses of the Salmonella g. . . flagellar antigen complex.


Salmonella flagellar filaments are polymers of a highly antigenic protein, termed flagellin. Eight main subfactors have been identified in the Salmonella phase-1 g. . . series flagellar antigen. To determine the molecular basis for expression of the epitopes by which the g. . . family subfactors are distinguished, 10 members of this series were selected and their fliC (the structural gene for phase-1 flagellin) genes were sequenced. Comparative analyses of the inferred primary structures of these flagellins did not allow the identification of linear epitopes responsible for the antigen subfactors. This suggests that conformational aspects are involved in determining the antigenic specificity in these cases. A phylogenetic analysis of the flagellin sequences showed that members of the g. . . series do not form a single coherent unit.

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