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J Bacteriol. Jun 1992; 174(12): 4057–4063.
PMCID: PMC206116

Development of multipurpose peroxisomes in Candida boidinii grown in oleic acid-methanol limited continuous cultures.


We have studied the development and metabolic significance of peroxisomes in the yeast Candida boidinii following adaptation of the organism to cultivation conditions which require the simultaneous presence and activity of two independent peroxisome-mediated pathways for growth. After the addition of methanol to oleic acid-grown cells at late exponentional growth, a number of new small peroxisomes developed which, apart from the presence of beta-oxidation enzymes, were characterized by the presence of enzymes involved in methanol metabolism (alcohol oxidase and dihydroxyacetone synthase). The latter proteins, however, were absent in the larger organelles which were originally present in the oleic acid-grown cells prior to the addition of methanol and which contained only enzymes of the beta-oxidation pathway. Subsequent experiments on cells from continuous cultures grown on a mixture of oleic acid and methanol at steady-state conditions revealed that both the enzymes of the beta-oxidation pathway and those involved in methanol metabolism were found in one and the same compartment. Thus, under these conditions the cells contained peroxisomes which were concurrently involved in the metabolism of two different carbon sources simultaneously used for growth. Our results indicated that the heterogeneity in the peroxisomal population of a single cell, observed in the transient state following the addition of methanol, is only temporary and due to heterogeneity among these organelles with respect to their capacity to incorporate newly synthesized matrix proteins.

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