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J Bacteriol. Feb 1994; 176(4): 1087–1092.
PMCID: PMC205160

Physical and genetic map of the Serpulina hyodysenteriae B78T chromosome.


A combined physical and genetic map of the Serpulina hyodysenteriae B78T genome was constructed by using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and DNA blot hybridizations. The S. hyodysenteriae genome is a single circular chromosome about 3.2 Mb in size. The physical map of the chromosome was constructed with the restriction enzymes BssHII, EclXI, NotI, SalI, and SmaI. The physical map was used to constructed a linkage map for genes encoding rRNA, flagellum subunit proteins, DNA gyrase, NADH oxidase, and three distinct hemolysins. Several flaB2-related loci, encoding core flagellum subunit proteins, were detected and are dispersed around the chromosome. The rRNA gene organization in S. hyodysenteriae is unusual. S. hyodysenteriae has one gene each for 5S (rrf), 16S (rrs), and 23S (rrl) rRNAs. The rrf and rrl genes are closely linked (within 5 kb), while the rrs gene is about 860 kb from the other two rRNA genes. Using a probe for the S. hyodysenteriae gyrA gene, we identified a possible location for the chromosomal replication origin. The size and genetic organization of the S. hyodysenteriae chromosome are different from those of previously characterized spirochetes.

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