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J Bacteriol. 1993 Aug; 175(15): 4597–4604.
PMCID: PMC204910

Cloning and nucleotide sequence analysis of the ferripyoverdine receptor gene fpvA of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa K437 lacks the ferripyoverdine receptor and, as a result, grows poorly on an iron-deficient minimal medium supplemented with ethylenediamine-di(o-hydroxyphenylacetic acid) (EDDHA) and pyroverdine. By using a phagemid-based in vivo cloning system, attempts were made to clone the receptor gene by complementing this growth defect. Several recombinant phagemids carrying P. aeruginosa chromosomal DNA which provided for good growth on EDDHA-pyoverdine-containing medium and which concomitantly restored production of the ferripyroverdine receptor in strain K437 were isolated. These phagemids contained a common 4.6-kb SphI fragment which similarly restored production of the receptor in K437. Nucleotide sequencing of the SphI fragment revealed a single large open reading frame, designated fpvA (ferripyoverdine uptake), of 2439 bp. The predicted translation product of fpvA has a molecular mass of 89,395 Da. N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis of the purified ferripyoverdine receptor confirmed fpvA as the receptor gene. Moreover, it indicated that the receptor is initially synthesized as a precursor with a signal sequence of 27 amino acids which is cleaved to yield the mature protein. The deduced FpvA polypeptide exhibited homology to regions shown to be conserved in TonB-dependent receptor proteins. FpvA also shared strong homology (41.3% identity) with the PupA protein of Pseudomonas putida WCS358. This protein is the receptor for the iron-bound form of pseudobactin, a compound structurally very similar to pyoverdine.

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