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J Bacteriol. Sep 1994; 176(17): 5560–5564.
PMCID: PMC196750

Growth rate-dependent control of the rrnB P1 core promoter in Escherichia coli.


We have extended our previous studies of the DNA sequences required for growth rate-dependent control of rRNA transcription in Escherichia coli. Utilizing a reporter system suitable for evaluation of promoters with low activities, we have found that the core promoter region of rrnB P1 (-41 to +1 with respect to the transcription initiation site) is sufficient for growth rate-dependent control of transcription, both in the presence and in the absence of guanosine 3'-diphosphate 5'-diphosphate (ppGpp). The core promoter contains the -10 and -35 hexamers for recognition by the sigma 70 subunit of RNA polymerase but lacks the upstream (UP) element, which increases transcription by interacting with the alpha subunit of RNA polymerase. It also lacks the binding sites for the positive transcription factor FIS. Thus, the UP element, FIS, and ppGpp are not needed for growth rate-dependent regulation of rRNA transcription. In addition, we find that several core promoter mutations, including -10 and -35 hexamer substitutions, severely reduce rrnB P1 activity without affecting growth rate-dependent control. Thus, a high activity is not a determinant of growth rate regulation of rRNA transcription.

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