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J Virol. Sep 1997; 71(9): 6947–6955.
PMCID: PMC191979

cis elements that contribute to geminivirus transcriptional regulation and the efficiency of DNA replication.


The A genomic component of the geminivirus tomato golden mosaic virus (TGMV) contains a 5' intergenic sequence that includes the overlapping AL61 promoter and positive-strand origin of DNA replication. The TGMV AL1 protein negatively regulates its own transcription and mediates origin recognition by binding to a repeated motif shared by the AL61 promoter and the viral origin. We examined a series of truncated or mutated 5' intergenic regions in transient expression and replication assay to identify other DNA sequences that contribute to TGMV promoter and origin function. These experiments revealed that negative regulation of the AL61 promoter is complex, involving multiple cis-acting sequences and the AL1 and AL4 proteins, which acted through different DNA elements. We also found that mutation of the TATA box motif in the AL61 promoter reduced overall transcriptional activity and AL1-mediated repression, confirming the importance of this sequence in promoter function. Mutation of a G-box consensus sequence was highly detrimental to AL61 transcription and abolished AL1 sensitivity, suggesting that AL1 interferes with transcriptional activation. Cotransfection experiments showed that the TATA box and G-box motif mutations also impaired viral DNA replication in the presence of a wild-type origin but had no effect in its absence, demonstrating that these transcriptional motifs also function as replication efficiency elements.

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