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J Virol. 1997 Jan; 71(1): 686–696.
PMCID: PMC191101

Kissing of the two predominant hairpin loops in the coxsackie B virus 3' untranslated region is the essential structural feature of the origin of replication required for negative-strand RNA synthesis.


Higher-order RNA structures in the 3' untranslated region (3'UTR) of enteroviruses are thought to play a pivotal role in viral negative-strand RNA synthesis. The structure of the 3'UTR was predicted by thermodynamic calculations using the STAR (structural analysis of RNA) computer program and experimentally verified using chemical and enzymatic probing of in vitro-synthesized RNA. A possible pseudoknot interaction between the 3D polymerase coding sequence and domain Y and a "kissing" interaction between domains X and Y was further studied by mutational analysis, using an infectious coxsackie B3 virus cDNA clone (domain designation as proposed by E. V. Pilipenko, S. V. Maslova, A. N. Sinyakov, and V.I. Agol (Nucleic Acids Res. 20:1739-1745, 1992). The higher-order RNA structure of the 3'UTR appeared to be maintained by an intramolecular kissing interaction between the loops of the two predominant hairpin structures (X and Y) within the 3'UTR. Disturbing this interaction had no effect on viral translation and processing of the polyprotein but exerted a primary effect on viral replication, as was demonstrated in a subgenomic coxsackie B3 viral replicon, in which the capsid P1 region was replaced by the luciferase gene. Mutational analysis did not support the existence of the pseudoknot interaction between hairpin loop Y and the 3D polymerase coding sequence. Based on these experiments, we constructed a three-dimensional model of the 3'UTR of coxsackie B virus that shows the kissing interaction as the essential structural feature of the origin of replication required for its functional competence.

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