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Am J Pathol. Oct 1974; 77(1): 103–118.
PMCID: PMC1910714

Neoplasms, Differentiations and Mutations


Evidence has been presented to support the concept that malignant tumors are postembryonic differentiations superimposed upon the process of tissue maintenance and renewal. Malignant stem cells are derived from normal stem cells. They have a capacity for proliferation and differentiation that operates at a different level of control than the normal. Even so, malignant stem cells are responsive to enviornmental control, suggesting that it may be possible to direct their differentiation or at least to control their ability to replicate. A tumor is a caricature of normal tissue and appears undifferentiated because of the preponderance of undifferentiated proliferating stem cells in relationship to the number of cells that have differentiated and become benign.

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