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J Virol. 1996 Aug; 70(8): 5447–5454.
PMCID: PMC190502

Alteration of intracellular potassium and sodium concentrations correlates with induction of cytopathic effects by human immunodeficiency virus.


Increases in intracellular concentrations of potassium ([K+]i) and sodium ([Na+]i) occur concomitantly with cytopathic effects induced in a CD4+ T-lymphoblastoid cell line acutely infected by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This [K+]i increase was greater in cells infected by cytopathic HIV strains than in cells infected by less cytopathic strains. T cells persistently infected by HIV had an increased [K+]i but displayed an [Na+]i similar to that of mock-infected cells. HIV induced increases in [K+]i and [Na+]i after cytopathic infection of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, but the magnitude of the Na+ changes did not correlate with the extent of the cytopathic effect. Enhanced movement of cations may osmotically drive water entry, resulting in balloon degeneration and lysis of HIV-infected cells. These observations offer potential approaches for antiviral therapies.

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