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J Virol. Dec 1995; 69(12): 7430–7436.
PMCID: PMC189680

High-titer packaging cells producing recombinant retroviruses resistant to human serum.


Novel retroviral protein expression constructs were designed to retain minimal retroviral sequences and to express dominant selectable markers by reinitiation of translation after expression of the viral genes. HT1080 cells were selected as producer cells for their ability to release high-titer viruses that are resistant to inactivation by human serum. Two HT1080-based packaging cell lines which produce Moloney murine leukemia virus cores with envelope glycoproteins of either amphotropic murine leukemia virus (FLYA13 line) or cat endogenous virus RD114 (FLYRD18 line) are described. Direct comparison with previous retroviral packaging systems indicated that 100-fold-higher titers of helper-free recombinant viruses were released by the FLYA13 and FLYRD18 lines.

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