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Gut. Dec 1997; 41(6): 778–784.
PMCID: PMC1891598

Alkyl halides, super hydrogen production and the pathogenesis of pneumatosis cystoides coli


Keywords: pneumatosis cystoides coli; chloral hydrate; trichloroethylene; methane; hydrogen

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Figures and Tables

Figure 1
: H2 and CH4 (ppm) in headspace of control faecal cultures. A, Methanogenic cultures (n = 24, four subjects × six cultures). B, Non-methanogenic cultures (n = 18, three subjects × six cultures). Filled circles = CH4 ppm, open circles ...
Figure 2
: H2 versus alkyl halide (concentration range 1 µM-100 mM). Points are means of normalised measurements at four hours from both methanogenic and non-methanogenic culture experiments (n = 28). Data are expressed as the ratio of H2 (ppm) in alkyl ...
Figure 3
: Faecal H2 production by rats exposed to chloral hydrate. Points are mean H2 in headspace of four hour faecal cultures derived from rats exposed to chloral hydrate ([less-than-or-eq, slant]0.08 g/kg per day) versus negative controls. *p[less-than-or-eq, slant]0.04 for comparisons ...

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