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Appl Environ Microbiol. Sep 1992; 58(9): 3110–3116.
PMCID: PMC183056

A new assay for lignin-type peroxidases employing the dye azure B.


The discovery in 1983 of fungal "ligninases" capable of catalyzing the peroxidation of nonphenolic aromatic lignin components has been seen as a major advance in understanding how certain basidiomycete fungi can completely degrade lignin. The ability of these lignin-type peroxidases to covert millimolar concentrations of veratryl alcohol to veratraldehyde, indicated by a change in the A310 of veratraldehyde, has become the standard assay for routine quantitation of LP activity. A new assay based on the oxidation of micromolar concentrations of the dye Azure B is presented. Although it is as simple and rapid as the veratryl alcohol assay, it appears to overcome some of the shortcomings of that assay. In particular, interference from UV- and short-wavelength visible-light-absorbing materials is greatly reduced and assay specificity is improved.

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