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Table 2.

Differences in changes in HRQOL and headache impact between treatment and control groups

ScaleBeta coefficient for control (standard error)t-statisticProbability
Physical functioning2.55 (1.70)1.500.15
Role limitations: physical5.82 (2.99)1.940.064
Pain6.36 (2.94)2.160.040
General health0.91 (2.50)0.370.7175
Energy/fatigue8.17 (2.62)3.120.0045
Social functioning6.36 (3.03)2.100.046
Role limitations: emotional2.90 (3.03)0.960.35
Emotional well-being7.69 (3.10)2.480.020
Physical health summary3.57 (1.87)1.910.068
Mental health summary6.94 (2.70)2.570.016
HIT Score6.94 (1.32)5.25<0.0001