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Table 3

Peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets identified.

NameCD markerSubgroup for proportions
Total lymphocyte countCD45″–
T cellCD3″CD45
Natural killer cellCD16CD56CD3-″CD45
B cellCD19″CD45
T suppressor cellCD3CD8″CD45
T helper cellCD3CD4″CD45
Dual positive T cellCD3CD8CD4″CD45
Activated T cell (including T regulatory cells)CD3HLADRCD3
Activated T helper cellCD3CD4CD25″CD3
Pan memory T cellCD3CD45RO″CD3
Pan naïve T cellCD3CD45RA″CD3
Memory helper T cellCD3CD4CD45ROAbsolute count only
Naïve helper T cellCD3CD4CD45RAAbsolute count only
T helper/suppressor ratioCD4/CD8″–