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J Bacteriol. 1997 Nov; 179(22): 7103–7110.
PMCID: PMC179653

Unusual structure of the tonB-exb DNA region of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris: tonB, exbB, and exbD1 are essential for ferric iron uptake, but exbD2 is not.


The nucleotide sequence of a 3.6-kb HindIII-SmaI DNA fragment of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris revealed four open reading frames which, based on sequence homologies, were designated tonB, exbB, exbD1, and exbD2. Analysis of translational fusions to alkaline phosphatase and beta-galactosidase confirmed that the TonB, ExbB, ExbD1, and ExbD2 proteins are anchored in the cytoplasmic membrane. The TonB protein of X. campestris pv. campestris lacks the conserved (Glu-Pro)n and (Lys-Pro)m repeats but harbors a 13-fold repeat of proline residues. By mutational analysis, the tonB, exbB, and exbD1 genes were shown to be essential for ferric iron import in X. campestris pv. campestris. In contrast, the exbD2 gene is not involved in the uptake of ferric iron.

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