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Mediators Inflamm. 2004 Aug; 13(4): 275–283.
PMCID: PMC1781567

Circulating cytokine profile in anti-neutrophilic cytoplasmatic autoantibody-associated vasculitis: prediction of outcome?


AIMS: The anti-neutrophilic cytoplasmatic autoantibody-associated vasculitides (AASV) are diseases of relapsing-remitting inflammation. Here we explore the cytokine profile in different phases of disease, looking for pathogenic clues of possible prognostic value. RESULTS: Interleukin (IL)-6, IL-8 and IL-10 were significantly elevated in plasma. Patients in the stable phase who subsequently developed adverse events had higher IL-8 values. Patients in the stable phase who relapsed within 3 months had lower IL-10 values and higher IL-6 levels. CONCLUSIONS: Patients with AASV have raised circulating cytokine levels compared with healthy controls, even during remission. Raised IL-8 seems associated with poor prognosis. Lower levels of IL-10 and higher levels of IL-6 herald a greater risk of relapse. Patients with systemic vasculitis in clinical remission have persistent disease activity, kept under control by inhibitory cytokines.

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