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 Expression of CD14, CD68, and SLAM in Crohn’s disease. Antibodies to (A) CD14, (B) SLAM, and (C) CD68 showed extensive accumulation of inflammatory cells in the mucosa of the gut. Elongated cells with processes were seen after staining for both CD14 and SLAM (arrows in A and B). Cell nuclei were counterstained with haematoxylin in A–C. (D) Immunohistochemical staining showing blue labelling of SLAM expressing cells and brown labelling of CD68 expressing cells. Two CD68+ cells coexpressing SLAM (arrow) and one cell expressing SLAM only (arrowhead) are labelled. (E) Double staining with anti-CD14 and anti-SLAM revealed cells that were positive for CD14 only (green), positive for SLAM only (red), and double positive (yellow). Original magnification: ×400 (A–C); ×1000 (D, E).

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