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J Bacteriol. Jun 1995; 177(11): 3351–3354.
PMCID: PMC177034

Functional expression of the glucose transporter of Zymomonas mobilis leads to restoration of glucose and fructose uptake in Escherichia coli mutants and provides evidence for its facilitator action.


The Zymomonas mobilis genes encoding the glucose facilitator (glf), glucokinase (glk), or fructokinase (frk) were cloned and expressed in a lacIq-Ptac system using Escherichia coli K-12 mutants deficient in uptake and phosphorylation of glucose and fructose. Growth on glucose or fructose was restored when the respective genes (glf-glk or glf-frk) were expressed. In E. coli glf+ strains, both glucose and fructose were taken up via facilitated diffusion (Km, 4.1 mM for glucose and 39 mM for fructose; Vmax at 15 degrees C, 75 and 93 nmol min-1 mg-1 [dry weight] for glucose and fructose, respectively). For both substrates, counterflow maxima were observed.

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