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Gut. Jan 1999; 44(1): 106–111.
PMCID: PMC1760059

Scintigraphic validation of a magnetic resonance imaging method to study gastric emptying of a solid meal in humans


Background—We have previously used a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method to study gastric emptying of liquids. So far, however, it has not possible to assess solid gastric emptying with this technique.
Aims—To validate scintigraphically MRI as a method for measuring emptying of a mixed solid/liquid meal.
Methods—In eight healthy subjects, gastric emptying of a solid/liquid (SM) and a liquid meal (LM) of identical energy content and macronutrient composition was studied by scintigraphy and MRI for 120minutes.
Results—MRI and scintigraphy agreed with respect to emptying profiles (intraclass correlation coefficient (RI) SM: 0.988, RI, LM: 0.917), t1/2 (SMMRI: 129 (9), SMScinti: 123 (11) minutes, NS; LMMRI: 100 (7), LMScinti: 110 (8) minutes, NS) and AUC (SMMRI: 8999 (232), SMScinti: 8788 (277) min%, NS; LMMRI: 8819 (368), LMScinti: 8891 (321) min%, NS).
Conclusions—MRI can be used to measure reliably gastric emptying not only of liquid but also of mixed solid/liquid meals in humans.

Keywords: magnetic resonance imaging; scintigraphy; gastric emptying; solid meal; liquid meal

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Figures and Tables

Figure 1
Assessment of intragastric volume by MRI. Images obtained after ingestion of the solid (A) and the liquid (B) meal. Gastric contents are clearly visible on both images. With the liquid meal, contrast between gastric contents and surrounding tissues was enhanced ...
Figure 2
Gastric emptying profiles for the (A) solid and (B) liquid meals as obtained by MRI (dotted line) and scintigraphy (solid line). Data are means (of the fitted curves) (SEM).
Figure 3
Demonstration of the overlap between gastric and duodenal contents during scintigraphy. As gastric contents are emptied (1), they move along a loop of intestine in front of or behind the stomach (2), and "leave" the stomach in the region of the greater curvature ...

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